pauline hanson

Schools teaching ‘sexual techniques’ and ‘transgendering’ kids: Hanson

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has made a new series of bizarre transphobic claims in a rant to the senate slammed as “hate speech”.

She has introduced legislation that would allow parents to take schools to court if they do not teach opposing views of gender issues, as well as of climate science.

Addressing the senate on Wednesday, Hanson claimed that only 57 young trans people exist in Australian schools – based on the last national census.

Despite this alleged rarity, she claimed that teachers were “pushing” gender ideology to children and “transgendering” them, Out in Perth has reported.

“I say teachers are transgendering our children,” Hanson said.

“In Western Australia, some eight-years-olds are spending learning time dressing up as the opposite sex, using a government-supplied box of dress-up clothes.

“By the time these students are in year nine, they will have a new vocabulary based on gender diversity theory, and they will have been taught the art of sex texting, and the advanced sexual techniques.”

Calling for a stop to the “indoctrination of children”, Hanson claimed that the anti-bullying Safe Schools program did not address bullying of LGBTIQ students but rather led to bullying of those not supporting the LGBTIQ “agenda”.

“Girls are being bullied into losing their rights,” she said.

“Students who do not show the required level of enthusiasm for the [LGBTIQ] agenda, including materials like the Genderbread Person, are humiliated and embarrassed by teachers, according to reports from parents.”

Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi called Hanson’s proposed legislation “laughable” and “bigoted”.

“Senator Hanson’s attempt to gag teachers and stuff the curriculum full of right-wing conspiracy theories would be laughable if it weren’t so terrifying,” said Faruqi.

“The curriculum should be based on evidence and expertise, not Pauline Hanson’s latest bigoted thought bubble.

“There is no place for this kind of censorship of teachers in our democracy and our schools.

“This bill belongs nowhere but in the bin.

“Hanson’s spurious claims that human-caused climate change is ‘unsubstantiated’ and schools ‘teach gender fluidity and realignment to infants’ can go with it.

“Teachers, working with educational experts, do a great job supporting students, often working without the resources they need.

“They certainly don’t need One Nation’s meddling.”

Hanson also shocked the senate with a series of racist remarks about Indigenous Australians, calling them “lazy” and invoking stereotypes such as petrol sniffing.

Greens senate leader Larissa Waters apologised to all who heard the speech and called for regulations to end hate speech in parliament.

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