Melbourne designer creating innovative chest binders for diverse bodies

A Melbourne artist and designer has launched Australia’s first line of chest binders, designed to fit diverse bodies and be sensory friendly.

Typically used by trans men and some non-binary people, binders are tight tank top–like garments that help give the appearance of a flat chest.

For Australians, binders have been notoriously difficult to access, with most ordered from overseas suppliers – an expense many trans people can ill afford.

Creator Andy Amor’s new binders are locally handmade and available in a range of sizes, including for people with large chests, who may previously have struggled to find binders to fit.

Unlike any other binders on the market, they are specially designed to be sensory friendly, using high-quality fabric with no internal labels or side seams that dig in, making them less likely to irritate the sensory sensitivities that affect many trans people.

The binders are easy to get on and off, and Amor is planning new designs that are extra friendly for people with physical disabilities.

Model: Andy Amor. Photo: Facebook | Andy Amor Designs.

“The binders designs I currently have available are more comfortable to wear for people with a variety of disabilities, such as people on the autism spectrum, and those who have sensory processing disorder,” they said.

“I am also developing a design that will be better suited for people with various disabilities that affect mobility, such as Ehlers Danlos syndrome, and wheelchair users.

“I will be working with a local design house to assist me with developing these designs further, to have them market ready and locally manufactured.”

Amor has been creating chest binders for five years, and custom making them for the local trans community for the last two years.

They are planning to expand their business to offer ordering for people around Australia, with an online store coming later this year.

An upcoming crowdfunding campaign will help to cover the costs of getting the new binder designs ready and available to order.

“Having locally available chest binders and transitional garments is a definite need for the local trans and non-binary community,” said Amor.

Amor said the upcoming new range of readymade binder designs and sizes will allow them to keep prices as affordable as possible, while likely still offering custom garments as well.

Models: Dazza and Keith. Photo: Facebook | Andy Amor Designs.

The custom binders have received plenty of praise from happy customers, and Amor expects expanding their operation to have a positive impact for the trans community.

“Growing my business to a larger scale will also mean that I will be able to employ people in the local community, offering jobs to minorities who struggle to find work in the mainstream community,” they said.

Amor’s new binders come in a racerback or half-tank style, and their range also includes custom briefs, jockstraps, and more.

Limited local orders are available now for people in the Melbourne area, with online ordering set to become available for people around Australia in the coming months.

See the full range of Andy Amor Designs on Facebook, Instagram, and the official website.

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