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Short film Odd Girls released for World AIDS Day

On World AIDS Day, streaming service and film events company Lesflicks has proudly announced the release of Odd Girls, a short historical drama surrounding a young lesbian during the midst of the AIDS crisis.

Since 1988, 1 December has been dedicated to commemorating those lost to AIDS-related illness and showing support for those still living with or affected by the HIV worldwide.

This year, join Lesflicks in remembering those who suffered at the height of the pandemic’s terror, as well as those who chose to support people with HIV/AIDS when nobody else would.

Lesflicks has released this fictional film to ensure all generations know about this crisis and the efforts of lesbian women supporting fellow members of the community.

Set in 1987, Odd Girls follows the story of a young separatist lesbian, Debbie (Sarah J. Lewis), who finds herself unexpectedly caring for her neighbour, David (Elliot Cable), a gay man dying of AIDS whose family has long turned their back on him.

Debbie struggles with the ignorance and discrimination facing David as he battles AIDS, and she is forced to re-evaluate her radical views of lesbian feminism as she finds herself becoming David’s last ally.

Inspired by countless true stories, Odd Girls is a snapshot of this terrifying era, shedding light on the selflessness and bravery of the real women who campaigned for gay men with AIDS all over the world.

Nostalgic in its aesthetic yet haunting in its subject matter, Odd Girls offers viewers a direct look at the impact of the fear-mongering that occurred.

This short drama shows the injustice of the forgotten people who were forced to suffer alone or reduced to a political excuse for discrimination against the queer community.

Odd Girls will make you think about how far the world has come since this era of fear and ignorance, as well as contemplate the very real progress still needed, making it a necessary watch for World AIDS Day this year.

Director Ellie Hilton said that the film’s era was “a truly cataclysmic and formative period of time for the LGBT community”.

Odd Girls aims to tackle the epidemic from a new perspective: a lesbian’s perspective,” said Hilton.

“Our protagonist Debbie, though fictional, is representative of a myriad of different women.

“The real essence of the story is whether or not Debbie has the strength, and the self-confidence, to do what needs to be done in order to make a change in her community.

“The script itself was adapted and changed in many ways since the initial concept stage, but through all of the research I have undertaken, one thing has become clear: these women changed our history, and their stories have gone largely undocumented and unappreciated.”

Naomi Bennett of Lesflicks said that queer history is not taught in schools and hard to find online.

“Film has the power to educate whilst providing entertainment,” said Bennett.

“It can be a window into the past.

“Whilst it is often fictional, and so may not be 100% accurate, it can spark interest and awareness that can lead to an individual seeking out more information, so it is certainly a powerful tool for sharing these themes that are an important part of our history.”

Odd Girls is available to watch now via subscription on Lesflicks.

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