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‘So much shame attached to it’: Triple X and trans love

The new romantic comedy Triple X is bringing trans love to the stage in a sexy, challenging, and groundbreaking performance.

Based on the real experiences of playwright and star Glace Chase, the show made its world premiere to Brisbane audiences this month.

Chase told Pink Advocate that the sexuality of men who are attracted to trans women, as in the relationship at the centre of the story, are rarely examined.

“There’s never that much said about it, [but] it’s one of my favourite aspects of the show – exploring the type of guys who are into trans women, and their struggles in the world,” she said.

“It’s an interesting story that’s never been told.”

She said that trans women and the men attracted to them were both affected by stigma, transphobia, and misplaced homophobia.

“There’s so much shame attached to it, they’re demasculinised and viewed as lesser men, it’s pretty brutal,” Chase said.

“These relationships aren’t gay – there’s some queerness to it, but gay, definitely not.”

Chase said she has been in relationships where her male partner was closeted and they could not be seen together.

“Nothing good comes from that for anybody,” she said.

She said the standard set by society was so low that she had been “flattered” by other partners saying they would acknowledge her in public.

Chase called for the public, and friends of trans women’s partners in particular, to normalise and support their relationships.

Despite the serious underlying themes, Triple X is ultimately a comedy.

“We really wanted to also show the joy,” said Chase.

“It’s not heavy, it’s beautiful and it’s fun and it’s funny.”

She said she hoped audiences would be moved to empathise with trans women and their partners.

“And if you’re turned on, I’ll settle for that,” she added with a laugh.

“I hope it helps complexify trans narratives a bit.

“And I get my boobs out!”

Triple X is playing at the Billie Brown Theatre until 1 April.

Tickets are available online now.

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