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Trans flag raised over Hobart in Tasmanian first for visibility

In a Tasmanian first, the trans flag was officially raised over Hobart Town Hall today to celebrate Trans Day of Visibility on 31 March.

More than 60 people attended the flag-raising ceremony.

Speakers at the event were Hobart City Councillor Jax Ewin and recent Tasmanian Women’s Honour Roll inductee Martine Delaney.

“It’s beyond awesome to see the Hobart City Council flying trans colours, particularly after attacks against us in some Murdoch papers questioned the legitimacy of our existence, and after leaders on the religious right recently admitted at a ‘Church and State’ conference that attacking trans rights is a path to political power,” said Delaney.

“The irony of Transgender Day of Visibility is that it is essential to eventually achieving trans invisibility day, by which I mean the day when my transness is no longer of importance to anyone other than those I love and who share my life; the day when I’m valued and judged on my worth as a person, and not on my gender identity.”

Equality Tasmania spokesperson Dr Charlie Burton praised the public gesture.

“It’s really exciting for trans and gender diverse Tasmanians to see our capital city so proudly and visibility affirm us,” said Dr Burton. 

“Stigma and discrimination can make life pretty tough for trans and gender diverse folk, and it means a lot to see that we are welcomed and included. 

“I congratulate Hobart City Council and everyone else who helped make this happen.”

As well as flying the flag all week, Hobart City Council has arranged for a number of locations around the city to be lit up in the colours of the trans flag, including the Railway Roundabout Fountain, Franklin Square Fountain, Elizabeth Street Mall, Rose Garden Bridge, and the Cardinal Lights at the Waterside Pavilion.

Trans Day of Visibility has been celebrated since 2009, highlighting trans people in the community, their contributions, and the struggles they still face.

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