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One in five queer Victorians mistreated by banks

Many LGBTIQA+ Victorians still face difficulties in accessing banks, according to a recent survey by the Victorian Pride Lobby.

“Every Australian should have a positive experience when banking,” said Lobby Co-Convenor Nevena Spirovska.

“However, our preliminary survey results show that one in five Victorian LGBTIQA+ people have been treated poorly by banks, with many having to provide excessive evidence to change their name or gender marker, and having to do so again and again.

“Everyone should have easy access to basic banking services.

“It’s disappointing to see some banks still require trans and gender diverse customers to jump through unnecessary and humiliating hoops.” 

A new program from the National Australia Bank (NAB) is helping to improve the experiences of trans and gender diverse customers. 

Earlier this year, NAB implemented changes designed to improve the customer experience for trans and gender diverse people. 

When a customer banks with NAB, they will be able to choose a title and gender marker that affirm their gender identity. 

The changes have also removed barriers that made it difficult and painful for existing customers to update their information when they are in the process of affirming their gender. 

“At NAB, we are here to serve our customers well and help our communities prosper,” said Rachel Slade, Group Executive Personal Banking and NAB Pride Executive Sponsor.

“As part of that, we believe that people can flourish, and unleash their fullest potential, when they are free to be themselves, without restriction, and without fear. 

“We are pleased to implement these changes that are about respecting our gender diverse customers and colleagues for who they are.”  

Spirovska said that the Victorian Pride Lobby welcomed the reforms and urged other organisations to make similar changes.

“We are heartened that NAB is working to improve the experience of trans and gender diverse customers, and [we] encourage other banks and service providers to make changes to their processes and systems to meet the needs of the LGBTIQA+ community,” said Spirovska. 

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