Non-binary LGBT nightclub patron humiliated by gendered queues

non-binary person has accused a famous LGBT nightclub of “invalidating” their identity by forcing them to choose between ‘male’ and ‘female’ queues for entry.

Jordan Bennett said that the Heaven club in London presented them on arrival with separate lines for men and women, leading to an argument with a bouncer.

“I am non-binary, so of course I’m gonna queue in the women’s line in sheer protest of where I know they would expect me to queue based on my appearance,” said Bennett.

“I wait to be checked nervously and then one of the security staff rudely gestures me to the other line for men.”

Bennett, who was wearing earrings showing their pronouns, told the bouncer that they were non-binary.

They were allegedly refused entry to the club unless they queued with the women.

“I shamefully walk to the other side… I felt invalidated and embarrassed,” said Bennett on Twitter.

“As a place that hangs the Pride flag on every wall, invites non-binary performers every week to perform, calls themselves a queer venue… this is anything but a queer venue.”

Bennett said that they were “really upset” by the experience, particularly after a performer on stage inside the club announced their celebration of “every gender identity”.

“This type of treatment at your establishment needs to change,” Bennett tweeted to the nightclub.

“And until this backwards, dangerous rhetoric is reversed, Heaven is not and never will be a queer venue.

“I’m appalled.”

Bennett said that the queer club is “a place where I am meant to feel free and accepted”.

Increasing numbers of people in the LGBTIQ community are embracing non-binary identities that fall outside of the male and female dichotomy. 

Venues and events in the queer and mainstream communities are catching up at various speeds to provide spaces and facilities that are ungendered. 

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