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Creepy and camp new LGBTQ films and shows for Halloween

Halloween is here again, and plenty of new seasonal films and shows are available to watch this year. 

There’s Someone Inside Your House is perfect for anyone looking for a decent slasher. 

It has an outrageousness that lovers of camp might appreciate, and who can say no to a cool take on masked killers?

If you’ve had enough queer classics like Jennifer’s Body, here are some quality fresh recommendations. 

Whether you’re craving camp or teen horror, I’ve got you covered – grab your skeletons and pumpkins and keep reading. 

Slumber Party Massacre (Syfy)

If you haven’t watched the original, checking out at least the first movie will elevate your viewing experience. 

If girls having fun, fighting back, and sticking a middle finger to tropes is your thing, then Slumber Party Massacre is for you. 

The plot for this reimagining is similar to the original movies. 

It follows a group of friends who go away for a slumber party and end up being hunted by a killer. 

(Spoiler alert!

And they wanted to be hunted, with the intent of killing the serial killer, Russ Thorn (Rob Van Vuuren), who almost murdered Dana’s (Hannah Gonera) mother in 1993. 

What’s queer about all this? So much! 

The campiness, the obvious attraction between Dana and her friend Maeve (Frances Sholto-Douglas), the homoerotic scenes involving the young male characters, and the energy overall this movie emits – plus the ‘Space Baby’ shirt. 

I Know What You Did Last Summer (Amazon Prime) 

Remember iconic 90s horror movie I Know What You Did Last Summer

Well, it’s a series now, and it’s very Gen Z. 

The series isn’t about feeding you nostalgia, which is one of the more refreshing parts about it. 

There’s no expecting a version of the original characters, events, or anything. 

The only thing this series takes from the original is a death being covered up, with people being picked off as a result.

The main group of friends are pretty well all sexually fluid, something you don’t see often in horror. 

One of the male characters is even openly engaged to a man. 

Meanwhile, there’s a complicated sapphic situation that involves one of the women of color – what more can you ask for? 

Give the series a try, and don’t listen to the reviews that say it’s not worth watching. Decide for yourself. 

Chucky (Syfy)

Chucky (Brad Dourif) has come back to play, only this time he’s hanging out with an openly gay teenager. 

No shock there, because the Child’s Play franchise is very queer, right down to writer Don Mancini being openly gay. 

It truly is best to watch the franchise to understand what’s going on. 

The series follows a new protagonist, Jake Wheeler (Zachary Arthur), and his love interest Devon (Björgvin Arnarson), a queer Black podcaster who seems to be the only person who cares about Jake. 

This series has a high level of camp and wish fulfilment for many bullied or abused queer kids. 

None of Jake’s bullies are safe, and they sure aren’t likable either. 

I’m very much rooting for Jake to be happy, hopefully with Devon.

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