Satanists challenge Catholics in race to claim religious persecution

Queensland Satanists say they will be the first to rely on the discrimination protections in the federal religious discrimination bill.

The Noosa Temple of Satan has challenged the Catholic Church in a race to see which religion will be the first to make a claim under the Morrison Government’s proposed new discrimination laws.

“We can’t wait,” said founder and spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon, the alter ego of Robin Bristow.

“The new laws will give special protection to people of faith, and we know that Satanists will be the first to access them.

“Hail Satan and Hail Scott Morrison for giving extra protection to Satanists.

“We are confident that shortly after the bill is passed, we will be discriminated against, and we will head off to court, relying on Scott Morrison’s wonderful new laws.”

Brother Samael noted that “incredibly”, as well as protecting people of faith from discrimination, the bill would “permit large religious institutions to commit discrimination”.

“We are not betting against the Catholic Church or any other large denomination swiftly using the new laws to sack a gay teacher or a Satanic staff member,” he said.

Representatives of the Temple met this week with Senator Amanda Stoker to discuss their concerns over expression of religious belief after its custom stamp design – similar to an approved Christian stamp – was rejected by Australia Post.

The Queensland Human Rights Commission rejected the complaint of discrimination, finding “no indication” that Satanism meets the criteria for a religion or that the Temple has a “genuine belief in Satanism as a religion”.

“Anyone wishing to make a complaint of religious discrimination will presumably have to prove the bona fides of their religion and supply affidavits of their faith,” said Brother Samael.

“The Queensland Human Rights Commission refused to help us, so we are relieved that Scott Morrison’s new laws will.”

The Noosa Temple of Satan said that once the religious discrimination bill is passed, it will also apply to provide chaplaincy services at major hospitals. 

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