Black History Month: Black queer characters and their stories (Part 2)

If you’re hungry for more media highlighting the individual stories of Black queer characters, these films and shows include a range of stories that go beyond the mainstream.

(Spoilers ahead.)

Mindy Meeks-Martin (Scream – horror)

The diverse cast of Scream 5 makes visible queer people a given, and Mindy (Jasmin Savoy Brown) as the main one is top tier. 

Her being a big horror nerd, following her uncle Randy’s (Jamie Kennedy) footsteps, all while being queer makes her an icon – not to mention breaking the stereotype of Black people getting killed off quickly in horror. 

With Scream a horror franchise that’s big on meta, her surviving to the end is her struggle as a Black queer character and a middle finger to the trope.

Beatrix ‘Bird’ Castro (Finding Carter – drama)

Finding Carter was ambitious but cancelled before it could properly wrap up. 

Beatrix ‘Bird’ Castro (Vanessa Morgan) being casually queer sticks out in my mind. 

Most of her problems revolve about being abandoned by her weird rich parents. 

As a result, she parties a lot, doesn’t have a lot of guidance, and carries on as she sees fit. 

She also has an abortion, which is still taboo to discuss on television. 

Victor Strand (Fear the Walking Dead/The Walking Dead universe– horror/drama)

Characters making a huge turn isn’t always believable or satisfying, but for Victor Strand (Colman Domingo), it makes sense. 

He was introduced in season 1 of Fear the Walking Dead as very self-oriented, and he hasn’t always been easily trusted because of his decisions. For him to shift to antagonistic and full-on power isn’t shocking. 

What’s intriguing is how he’s an out gay man, but his being villainous isn’t remotely homophobic. 

There isn’t one way for a queer character to be, and white cishets don’t own the title of villain or antagonist

Victor’s being gay isn’t his entire story, and he just wants the power he believes he deserves, which in a way relates to his identity as a queer Black man.

Image: YouTube | Netflix.

Ambrose Spellman (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – horror/drama)

In a sea of white characters who are hard to like, Ambrose (Chance Perdomo) makes The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina easier to watch whenever he is on screen. 

While the series focuses his cousin, Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka), he’s more interesting. 

His queerness shines bright and he just is – no muss or fuss about the person he happens to be or how queer he is. 

His being full of literal magic is like a direct wink to the camera. 

Allowing queer Black folks to just exist is something that’s still being fought for, within Black communities and the LGBTIQA+ community at large. 

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