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Anti-trans speaker Arielle Scarcella dropped from Mardi Gras lineup

An event that was to feature popular US YouTuber Arielle Scarcella has been dropped from the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras after allegations of biphobia and transphobia.

The Les-Talk discussion panel was set to feature Scarcella alongside other queer women.

After her history of transphobic remarks came to light via social media, other speakers pulled out of the event.

“I do not agree with Arielle’s transphobic and biphobic beliefs,” said panellist Tania Safi.

Safi said she hoped that the organisers would “promote genuinely inclusive, progressive views”.

Actor Kelsie Adelaide said they could “not in good conscience attend” alongside Scarcella.

“We must always strive to be kind and love one another, support and value those most vulnerable in our community,” said Adelaide.

Scarcella’s YouTube videos on trans topics include ‘Why you need gender dysphoria to be trans’, ‘Dear trans women, stop pushing “girl dick” on lesbians’, ‘Men identify as women & escape prison’, and ‘Thousands of “trans” teens want to detransition’.

She has tweeted comments that “trans women are not female”, told trans men they look like lesbians, and blamed women for their own assaults for not using “the bathroom as the gender you pass as”.

Social media users called on Mardi Gras to cancel the event, calling Scarcella “transphobic” and “a danger to the LGBT+ community”.

A petition to cancel Scarcella’s appearance was signed by more than 1,300 people on the weekend.

Les-Talk has now been dropped from the festival lineup, with Mardi Gras distancing itself from Scarcella.

“Here is to safe and equal communities,” said petition organiser Johnny Valkyrie.

“We do not accept [bigotry] from the public, and we certainly have no tolerance for transphobia in the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Mardi Gras representatives said they had “spoken to the panel discussion organiser about [their] concerns”.

“The event is now no longer a part of our Mardi Gras festival,” they said.

Mardi Gras has reiterated the festival’s commitment to all parts of the LGBTIQ+ community, and is currently consulting the community about its name in a bid to better reflect inclusivity.

Scarcella and others have claimed that in dropping Les-Talk, Mardi Gras has cancelled its only lesbian event, but this is inaccurate.

The festival program includes a range of events for all parts of the community, including lesbians, from a lesbian history forum to Chicks With Picks at Sunday’s Fair Day afterparty.

Scarcella has, confusingly, accused the Mardi Gras of “homophobia”.

She has also claimed to have been “cancelled” and “silenced” by the “crazy woke left”.

The YouTuber currently has more than 630,000 subscribers.

The Mardi Gras festivities will continue until next weekend, culminating in the world-famous parade and party on Saturday 29 February.

Tickets to events are available online now.

1 thought on “Anti-trans speaker Arielle Scarcella dropped from Mardi Gras lineup”

  1. this is BS, SMG knew. They are just backpedaling now because the community said no. Trans inclusion in SMG has always been a problem for them. Nothing has changed has it. SMG keeps reminding me of why I stopped going years ago.


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