lingerie lovehoney robe

Keep Pride going in the bedroom with gender-inclusive lingerie

As Pride Month comes to an end, why not continue to feel sexy and queer with gender-inclusive lingerie? 

From lace to latex, lingerie can make us feel beautiful, powerful, and sexy. 

Sexual happiness people Lovehoney offer a diverse range of underwear for all kinds of bodies.

When it comes to living your boudoir fantasy, lingerie has no gender. 


Although boxers may have been designed to house penises, they are also incredibly comfortable for vulvas.

Usually made from stretchy fabrics like nylon, boxer shorts have plenty of give, making them a good fit for butts and thighs of all shapes and sizes.

For a saucier look, try a mesh or wet-look boxer.


Basically, if you have a butt, you should put it in a thong.

Thongs provide a flattering frame and look great under clothes, and they’re available in styles from fishnet to glamorous lace suspender thongs.

For ultimate comfort, people with penises can opt for a thong with a darted pouch, from lace to sexy leopard print, designed to show off your tush while supporting your bits.


Whoever penned the line ‘let me slip into something more comfortable’ was definitely talking about a satin robe.

Robes look good on everyone, and there is something glamorous about swanning about the house wrapped in a luxurious fabric

Harness briefs

Harness briefs are a gender-neutral option for exploring strap-on play.

Much like a regular strap-on harness, harness briefs are designed to hold dildos, vibrators, and other sex toys at your crotch, allowing you to penetrate your partner.

Unlike harnesses that strap on, harness briefs slip on and look like a normal pair of pants, from lowkey to lacy.

Stockings and suspenders

Suspenders are the epitome of sex appeal. 

Lovehoney’s suspender and stockings sets fit a wide range of body types and suit all genders – plenty of men enjoy the feel of suspender belts and lingerie. 

Although Pride Month may have wrapped up for another year, you can feel sexy and queer year-round.  

Mix it up, express yourself, and put your beautiful body in a home that feels great.

Pink Advocate received product samples for this story.

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