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Taliban vows to crush gay men to death in Afghanistan

The Taliban will implement religious Sharia law if it takes control of Afghanistan, which would include crushing men to death for being gay, according to a judge in the country.

Gul Rahim, a judge in central Afghanistan, said that the military Islamist group is already applying Sharia law in the parts of the country where it is in power – more than 200 regions, according to the Taliban.

It previously had control of the majority of the country from the mid-1990s to 2001.

Rahim said that in one example of Sharia law in Afghanistan, a man had his hand cut off as punishment for breaking into a house and stealing a piece of jewellery, Metro Weekly has reported.

“For more severe deeds, we cut through the wrist, the elbow, or upper arm,” Rahim said.

“For the biggest crimes, there can only be execution by stoning or hanging.”

Homosexuality may be punished by stoning or toppling a wall onto the victim.

“For homosexuals, there can only be two punishments: either stoning, or he must stand behind a wall that will fall down on him. The wall must be 2.5 to 3 metres high,” said Rahim.

The judge said that he was confident Sharia law would be introduced across the country.

“We have fought for this for twenty years and have lost many friends,” said Rahim. 

“This has been, and will always be, our goal.

“If the government in Kabul were to introduce our Islamic Sharia, we would not continue to attack it.”

Ghazi Stadium in Kabul, currently used for football matches, could revert to its former use as an execution site if the city returns to Taliban control.

Women are reportedly fearing that Taliban rule in the capital would lead to a loss of their freedoms – under Sharia law, they would again need permission to leave their homes.

“School attendance should follow Islamic rules,” said Rahim.

“It is not allowed that a woman goes to school and the teacher is a man.”

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