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How JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure influenced my queer journey

I assess almost everything I watch for queerness, but anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has played a huge, special role in my queer journey.

The show is very queer and has a large queer fanbase, and many of its characters have helped me think more about my presentation. 

For many years, I’ve struggled horribly with this, alongside not being what’s seen as conventionally attractive and having mental health issues. 

I’m slowly caring less about strictly labelling my presentation, though I will say that I gravitate towards queer masculinity and androgyny in a specific way, even with my gender proximity at this time to femininity. 

The JoJo’s characters range in their overall looks. 

Some have softer features that one would normally see on women characters, and others maintain their masculinity but dress androgynously. 

I find myself so intrigued by the crop tops, the brightly coloured clothing, suits that show off a lot of chest, bold makeup. 

As a queer person, there’s a peace in true expression, especially if you’re mostly closeted.

The show has made me want to experiment with my look. 

It’s made me want to finally fulfill my dream of wearing a stylish suit.

I want to be bolder, even if I never fully come out. 

The series has made me better understand myself and what I want – even the pairings I ship are part of my queer journey. 

As my 27th birthday approaches this week, I’m hoping to shed old skin. 

Maybe I will eventually fulfill my suit dream, wear bolder outfits, and be even weirder than I am. 

My queerness is mine, and nobody can tell me what should or shouldn’t inspire me. 

Ultimately, my queer journey isn’t about destroying internalised homophobia, which I’ll always wrestle with. 

My journey is about expression, not trying to fit into norms because I feel obligated, and overall allowing myself to wear femme, masc, and androgynous looks without shame. 

With JoJo’s Part 6 coming out on 1 December, I’ll be able to take more inspiration from Jolyne and other Stone Ocean characters who I feel are queer. 

It will be a welcoming of new folks into my journey as a queerdo. And I can’t wait for that moment. 

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